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Club Rides

NC&TC offers four diverse Saturday rides tailored to cater to various rider abilities. The information below will assist you in selecting the most suitable ride for you.

Saturday group rides commence from Newmarket Leisure Centre (NLC).


Please gather at 08:45 for a prompt 09:00 departure.

On occasion, ride times may be subject to change (e.g., during icy road conditions in winter). Any alterations will be communicated to everyone via the forum and on Facebook.

Members occasionally arrange group rides on alternative days, where the speed and distance are determined by the organizers and participants. Details for such rides will be provided separately.

Club group rides are open to all and do not incur any fees; simply join us and ride.


Non-members are welcome to participate in any club ride, but we kindly request that after attending three club group rides, you consider becoming a paid club member.


NC&TC Rides Overview


Before joining any of our club group rides, we kindly ask you to familiarize yourself with our guide to group ride best practices. Our rides are guided, meaning a designated member will lead the group, plan the route, and offer support to fellow riders. At NC&TC, we prioritize inclusivity and rider development, ensuring a friendly atmosphere where everyone feels supported. You can ride with confidence knowing that stronger riders will shield you from wind (and perhaps indulge in some cake-based treats in return! 😄).

Most rides include a delightful coffee and cake stop, with our usual endpoint being Victor Victoria in Newmarket. Here, club members enjoy double reward stamps for every hot drink purchased (i.e., one free hot drink for every five purchased). Specific ride and coffee stop details will be shared on the Forum and Facebook every Friday, allowing riders to choose their preferred group in advance.

We encourage riders to progress through the groups as their fitness and experience grow. Stronger riders are welcome to join slower or shorter rides but are asked to maintain the agreed-upon group pace for an enjoyable experience for all.

NC&TC fosters a strong safety culture, where riders can expect to both give and receive advice and feedback on their riding. Together, we can all learn to ride smoother, safer, and faster. Please remain open to respectful pointers from fellow riders on any ride.


If you join a specific ride, please stay with the same group throughout unless arrangements have been made with both ride leaders (e.g., swapping from Sporting to Intermediate at a mutual coffee stop). If a slower ride is overtaken by a faster ride at any point, please maintain your chosen ride's pace and avoid merging groups or racing each other.

Social Ride

The Social Ride is ideal for novice cyclists, those recovering from injury, or anyone seeking a leisurely pace.

(Note: Riding in a group can increase your speed due to aerodynamic shielding, so don't worry if your solo pace is slightly below 13 mph; we'll keep you moving!)


Club Ride

The Club Ride offers a step up from the Social Ride and caters to triathletes, stronger sportive and touring riders, and those with a good level of fitness. This group stays together on flat terrain and regroups after significant climbs.

Intermediate Ride

The Intermediate Ride, or "Inters," aids riders in transitioning from the Club Ride to the Sporting Ride while also serving as a standalone category. It focuses on developing strength and endurance over longer, faster rides and emphasizes skills improvement for safe and smooth riding in close formations. This group stays together on flat terrain and regroups after significant climbs.

The Intermediate Ride may merge with the Club Ride or Sporting Ride, with Inter riders expected to adhere to the slower ride's pace on such occasions.





Sporting Ride

The Sporting Ride is the fastest group, covering longer distances and greater elevations. It suits strong triathletes, half and full ironman athletes, and riders with high strength and fitness levels seeking rigorous training sessions.

This ride prioritizes tight, fast group riding while maintaining flexibility to benefit all riders. Although generally a "no-drop" ride like others, deviations from this may occur with agreement from riders (e.g., splitting and reconvening at a coffee stop or dropping riders in the final miles when close to home).

Riding in close formation at higher speeds over long distances carries increased risk, and new riders joining this group can expect support and feedback from fellow riders to ensure a safe transition.











Sunday/Bank Holiday Rides

Sunday rides may not occur weekly, so please check the Forum and Facebook for confirmation. These rides typically follow Club or Inters Ride pace, depending on attendees.

Junior Riders

Juniors (under 18 years old) are welcome on club group rides when accompanied by a parent/guardian and able to maintain the advertised speed of the selected ride. Parents/guardians must stay with their juniors throughout the ride.

Winter Riding

During winter months, rides may commence at 10:00 am to avoid adverse weather conditions. If conditions are deemed unsafe, the NC&TC ride coordinator will decide on ride status and communicate this via Facebook.

It's advisable to carry a waterproof jacket for rain protection and added warmth if you need to stop with a mechanical issue, as well as for increased visibility to other road users.

Ride Guide Volunteers and Contact Information

We always appreciate assistance with our guided rides. If you're an experienced cyclist with strong group riding skills, please reach out if you'd like to help. Formal ride guide qualifications are not necessary but are beneficial.

For any questions regarding our rides, please contact

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