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Weekend Club Rides

Every Saturday, the club runs organised rides departing Newmarket Leisure Centre at 09:00. We run four different categories of rides, for which you can find details about on the Club Rides page of the website.

In the lead-up to Saturday's rides, we encourage people to let other riders know that they intend to ride, using the relevant club group discussion. We are keen for club members to discuss what rides they want to do, share ideas for routes and take it in turns to support leading the rides. The ride discussion groups can be found using the following links:

You can be a member of as many ride discussion groups as you like, and join any group on a given week, so join in and help make our rides as varied and interesting as possible. 

Please make sure you read the Club Ride Guidelines and watch the safety videos, before you join a ride.

Special Club Rides

No upcoming events at the moment
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