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Riding Safely with NC&TC

Our club rides prioritize enjoyment while ensuring safety through cohesive group riding and adherence to the Highway Code. We kindly request all riders to assist in upholding these standards during club outings.

Participating in NC&TC rides is undertaken at your own discretion and requires meeting the minimum ride standards.

Below, you'll find videos detailing the safest and most effective methods for group riding. These techniques keep riders organized on the road and prevent hazardous formations such as riding three abreast, thus facilitating safe passage for vehicles.

Before joining any of our rides, we encourage you to watch the brief videos provided, which offer guidance on riding safely with the club.

While these videos may not cover every aspect perfectly, they provide a solid foundation for all riders.

NC&TC fosters a robust safety culture where riders can expect to both give and receive advice and feedback on their riding. Together, we can all improve to ride smoother, safer, and faster. Please remain open to respectful pointers from fellow riders on any ride.


Given the prevalence of horses in Newmarket, passing them with extra caution is essential. Slow down and heed any requests from horse riders, who understand their horse's temperament in such situations. Be mindful that your bike's components may produce sudden noises that could startle horses.

Bike Maintenance and Equipment

Every rider is responsible for arriving with a roadworthy bike. We strongly recommend fitting a rear light, especially during winter months, for enhanced visibility. Additionally, as a courtesy to fellow members, we suggest using mudguards in the winter. Full mudguards reduce spray for riders behind you, providing better protection compared to saddle mudguards, which only shield your own backside from moisture.

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