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Riding Safely with NC&TC

The primary goal of our club rides is to have fun whilst riding safely in cohesive groups and obeying the Highway Code. We respectfully ask all riders to help with this goal when riding with the club.

Riding with NC&TC is always done at your own risk and requires you to meet the minimum standard set for the ride you have selected.

The videos below outline the safest and most efficient way to ride as a group. This method of group riding keeps the riders well organised on the road and avoid dangerous formations like three abreast, all of which make it easier for cars to pass safely.

Before you join any of our rides, we ask that you watch the short videos below, which will explain how to ride safely with the club.

Please note, these videos aren't perfect, but they are a good foundation for everyone to build upon.

NC&TC has a strong safety culture, where riders should expect to give and receive advice and feedback on their riding. We can all learn to ride smoother, safer and faster, so please be open to giving and receiving respectful pointers to/from anyone on any ride.


Living in Newmarket there are clearly a lot of horses around. Always pass horses with extra care, slow down and please pay attention to any request by the horse rider, as they will know the temperament of their horse in these situations. Be mindful that your brakes, cleats, gears and freehub will make sudden noises, which may spook horses.

Bike maintenance and equipment

It is every riders responsibility to turn up with a road worthy bike.

Ideally, riders should arrive with a rear light fitted, especially in the winter. Also, as a courtesy to other members, we also strongly recommend installing mudguards for the winter months (full mudguards will reduce the spray for the rider behind you, and are much better than a simple saddle mudguard which only keeps your own backside dry).

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