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At Newmarket Cycling & Triathlon Club, we are dedicated to helping athletes of all levels reach their triathlon goals through fully qualified British Triathlon coached sessions held every week.

Our program offers a dynamic weekly rotation between Swimming, Cycling, and Running, ensuring a comprehensive and well-rounded approach to your triathlon training.

Swimming: Dive into our swimming sessions led by our experienced British Triathlon coach. Whether you're a beginner looking to refine your technique or an advanced swimmer aiming to enhance your speed and endurance, our sessions cater to all levels. We focus on stroke mechanics, breathing techniques, and efficient swimming strategies to help you conquer any distance in the water. With personalised feedback and structured workouts, you'll gain confidence and strength in every stroke.

Cycling: Pedal your way to success with our cycling sessions designed to elevate your performance on the bike. Led by our certified British Triathlon coach, our sessions cover a range of terrain and intensity levels to challenge and improve your cycling skills. From hill climbs to interval training, we tailor each session to enhance your power, endurance, and bike handling abilities. Whether you're training for a sprint or Ironman distance, our cycling sessions will propel you towards your goals with speed and efficiency.

Running: Hit the ground running with our dynamic running sessions led by our expert British Triathlon coach. Whether you're aiming for your fastest 5K or conquering the marathon distance, our sessions are tailored to enhance your running technique, speed, and endurance. We focus on proper form, pacing strategies, and mental toughness to help you excel on the run course. With a variety of workouts including intervals, tempo runs, and long-distance efforts, you'll build the strength and stamina needed to crush your running goals come race day.

Join us at Newmarket Cycling & Triathlon Club and experience the difference of training with fully qualified British Triathlon coaches. Whether you're a novice triathlete or a seasoned competitor, our weekly sessions will take your triathlon journey to the next level. Don't just dream of crossing the finish line – let us help you make it a reality. Sign up today and unlock your full triathlon potential!


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