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Dive into Excellence: Newmarket Cycling & Triathlon Club's Swim Coaching

Welcome to Newmarket Cycling & Triathlon Club's swim coaching program, where excellence meets technique under the guidance of our level 2 British Triathlon coach, Martin Smith. Our coaching sessions are designed to enhance your freestyle swimming skills through a structured approach built upon the five pillars of freestyle swim coaching.

Session Frequency: Our swim coaching sessions take place every three weeks, allowing for ample time for practice and refinement of skills between sessions. This frequency ensures consistent improvement and development in your swimming abilities. Meet


Our Coach: Martin Smith, a certified level 2 British Triathlon coach, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our coaching program. With a passion for swimming and a dedication to helping athletes reach their full potential, Martin provides personalised guidance and support to each participant. 


The Five Pillars of Freestyle Swim Coaching: 


1. Body Positioning: Achieving and maintaining proper body positioning in the water is essential for efficiency and speed. Our coaching focuses on techniques to streamline your body and minimize drag, allowing you to move through the water with ease. 


2. Stroke Technique: Mastering the mechanics of the freestyle stroke is fundamental to swimming success. Martin employs drills and exercises to refine your stroke technique, emphasizing aspects such as arm movement, hand entry, and rotation for optimal propulsion. 


3. Breathing: Effective breathing is key to sustaining your effort and maintaining rhythm in the water. Through specialized breathing drills, Martin helps you develop proper breathing mechanics and timing, enabling you to breathe effortlessly and efficiently during your swim. 


4. Kick Technique: The kick plays a crucial role in propulsion and balance while swimming. Our coaching addresses kick technique, focusing on leg strength, ankle flexibility, and coordination to maximize propulsion and minimize energy expenditure. 


5. Rhythm and Timing: Establishing a smooth and consistent rhythm is essential for maintaining momentum and efficiency in your swim. Martin emphasizes rhythm and timing drills to help you find your natural cadence, allowing for fluid movement through the water. 


Join us for Newmarket Cycling & Triathlon Club's swim coaching sessions and unlock your full potential as a freestyle swimmer. Under the expert guidance of Coach Martin Smith and the principles of the five pillars of freestyle swim coaching, you'll refine your technique, improve your performance, and achieve your swimming goals. Dive into excellence with us today!

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