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Welcome to our Time Trial (TT) League, where the spirit of friendly competition meets the thrill of the ride!


Our league is all about embracing the time trial season with enthusiasm, and while we do hand out trophies for our top three male and female participants, it's all about the joy of taking part.


Only first-claim NC&TC members can earn league points, but don't worry, anyone over 12 years old can join in the fun of our time trial events.

We've got something for everyone with three classes:


Open Class

Our traditional time trial league where points are earned based on finishing position. Your best 10 results count towards your final league position.


Road Bike Class

Ride on a standard road bike following Cycling Time Trials (CTT) guidelines. No disc wheels or fancy bars allowed, but skinsuits and TT helmets are fair game. Points are awarded based on finishing position, with your top 10 results counting towards your final standing.


Newcomer Class

For those who are new to our club TT league, any type of bike is welcome except dedicated TT or tri bikes. Points are awarded based on finishing position among other newcomers, with your best 5 results counting towards your final position.

Remember to indicate (R) and/or (N) after your name when signing up for the road bike or newcomer class.

And here's the fun part – our scoring system! We award points based on finishing positions, similar to UCI ranking points. The more you participate, the more points you earn. But don't worry if you miss a few TTs or have an off day, because only your best 10 results count towards your final position.


We couldn't run our TT series without the help of volunteers. Regular entrants are encouraged to volunteer at least once per season. Plus, volunteering earns you points equivalent to your average score for the year!

At the end of the season, we rank results for males and females separately and even accommodate 2-up racing, where two people race together and both receive the same position and score.

So whether you're chasing personal bests or just out for a good time on two wheels, join us for our Time Trial League and let's make some memories together!

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